Hitler in Homes and Gardens


This is a view of Adolf Hitler that on some levels is worse than his rantings and ravings that have become known to the general public through television shows and the internet.  In 1938 his Alpine retreat, the Berghof, was the subject of a Homes and Gardens magazine article.  The article tells how Hitler awakens in the morning to walk with the workers on the property, holds court on a variety of topics in the home’s library (he is also his own architect), and even invites the local children in for cake.  All the while sending countless numbers of children and other innocents to their deaths for the simple reason that Hitler viewed them to be subhuman.  It is important to remember that to Hitler the only thing that matters is Germany and his fantasy land life in the Alps reflects this.  Hitler may be the world’s perfect example of a sociopath in that he doesn’t view his bad deeds as bad.  He has no guilt; no remorse.  He can execute millions and plunge the world into the worst war ever seen while at the same time lounging on the deck of the Berghof, with its pristine views of the Alps, with his dogs.

The article itself is a sad example as how the world viewed Hitler at that time.  Remember that in 1938 the war has not yet begun and the concentration camps were unknown to most.  There were some people who could see Hitler for what he was but by and large many in government, academia, and other “intellectual” pursuits viewed Hitler and his contemporaries (Mussolini, Franco, and Stalin) as legitimate political leaders who were changing government and the world for good.  After all, Hitler was responsible for the economic turnaround of Germany.  Fascism was all the rage.  It wasn’t until the war that American academics in particular began to distance themselves from fascism and branded it “right-wing.”



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